What You Will Find in our



  • A team of experienced teachers who utilize the Project Approach whereby children and teachers learn together through meaningful investigations of topics such as Construction or Bugs.
  • A multi-aged classroom that is specifically designed to emphasize uniqueness, self-direction, cooperation, ownership and community.
  • Open-ended materials are selected to provide opportunities to experiment, create, collaborate, design, explore and expand their knowledge of the world.
  • An environment rich in choices to give children a variety of authentic experiences; children have the opportunity to build language, math, science and problem-solving skills, while also practicing art, music, dramatic play and social skills.
  • A commitment to partnering with you in an effort to support your child’s development and education.
  • A daily report for parents that notes their child’s eating and sleeping schedule as well as the day’s activities. In addition, many of the children’s learning opportunities are documented and displayed in the classroom and hallway.